Works [Legitimate Music Theatre]

Legitimate Music Theatre
The works included in this section were either written and/or composed by ‘serious’ or ‘legitimate’ dramatists and composers who at some stage during their career were involved in aspects of the variety theatre industry. This may have been as music directors, writers, composers, actors, directors/producers etc of pantomimes, burlesques, musical comedies, revusicals and revues etc. Other works, especially those written between the 1830s and 1870s, may have been written and produced for the general public but do not fall within the ‘popular theatre’ or ‘variety theatre’ parameters of this website.
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Rajah of Shivapore [GR Jan 1918, 5]
A Scene in the Rajah of Shivapore at the Playhouse.

Green Room Jan. (1918), 5.
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