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Mechanics' Institutes

Mechanics Institute - Geelong, 1856 [Art&Archm]Mechanics’ Institutes (and Schools of Arts) played a vital role in the social and educational life of the Australian colonies during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Each institute invariably included a library, meeting/lecture and games rooms, and a hall for concerts and exhibitions. The lack of available theatres in many regional towns during this period saw them used by touring theatrical companies, including minstrel, burlesque and vaudeville troupes. Their popularity as an entertainment venue waned from the 1910s, however, as increasing entrepreneurial activity led to new purpose-built venues being built around the country.

NB: Information on specific Australian Mechanics Institutes is currently being compiled and published in the AVTA’s Theatres & Venues section.
Image: Geelong Mechanics’ Institute, Victoria (ca. 1850s). Source: Art and Architecture, mainly…
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