World War I

This page comprises a selection of research lists and secondary source materials  relating to popular culture entertainment during the World War I era – both at war and at home.
All lists are being updated on an on-going basis and should be considered incomplete.


1.WWI-related Jokes, Sketch Material, Patter, Songs, Poetry and Miscellaneous Stage Craft (1914-1923)” (Research Lists)
2. “Laughing at the Front” (ABC, 2011)
3. “Brisbane During WWI.” Delyse Ryan (2000 PhD)


1. WWI-Related Jokes, Sketch Material, Patter, Songs, Poems and Miscellaneous Stage-craft: 1914-1923

Most of the entries in these lists were compiled by Clay Djubal (2006-2007) as part of Richard Fotheringham’s Australian Research Council (ARC)-funded project into World War I-related comedy.


2. “Laughing at the Front(2011)

Hindsight. ABC Radio National, 24 April. The First World War had a major presence on the Australian stage, particularly in vaudeville theatre, before and after 1918; and following the Armistice, many variety shows were performed by diggers themselves. Featuring Prof. Richard Fotheringham, Prof. Graham Seal, Dr Clay Djubal and Dr Lisa Trahair.


3. Brisbane Theatre During World War I” (2000)

Delyse Ryan, Ph D. Diss. The University of Queensland.   Ryan looks closely at some of the social formants which helped to create and frame the theatrical events in the Queensland capital during the war years. The theatre’s community role, particularly the way it helped construct and reflect social and civic identity, as well as the ways in which theatrical techniques were used outside the theatres as a special response to the war.  [eSpace, The University of Queensland]


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