Theatres/Venues 5b: Tasmania

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aka Franklyn Town Hall

Huon Mechanics' Institute - Franklyn(1858-1911) 3388 Huon Highway

The Huon Mechanics’ Institute opened in an assembly room built by Elijah Brown for his Franklin Hotel. The first lecture was delivered on 28 June 1858, and for almost 60 years was used for classes, lectures and local community events, including dances, bazaars, and theatrical entertainments. Demand for entertainment, coupled with better access to the town by the 1880s saw a gradual increase in concerts from visiting performers, including troupes such as the Marvellous Corricks (1905). Referred to as the Franklin Town Hall from the 1890s onwards it was demolished in 1911 to make way for an official Town Hall.

The Franklin Town Hall was remodelled in 1938 as the Franklin Theatre, becoming the Palais Theatre in 1939.
Image: Huon Mechanics’ Institute (behind flagpole). Source: Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office.


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