Mixed Bag: Monograph Series

Mixed Bag  is interested in publishing papers which focus on aspects of pre-1930s Australian variety theatre and popular culture.  For submission guidelines please contact the AVTA.

ISSN: 1839-5511


No 1 (25 June 2011)

For the Duration’: Australian One Act Musical Comedies and the Fashioning of an Imagined National Identity between 1914 and 1918

(Clay Djubal)


No 2 (25 April 2012)

Harry Leston: A Versatile Showman

(Loreley Morling)

First published in Victorian Historical Journal 68.1 (Apr. 1997), 98-104.


No 3 (21 September 2017)

‘Looking in All the Wrong Places’; Or, Harlequin False Testimony and the Bulletin Magazine’s Mythical Construction of National Identity, Theatrical Enterprise and the Social World of Little Australia, circa 1880-1920

(Clay Djubal)


Banner images: clockwise from top left – American Burlesque Company; Fred Lesley and Ivy Schilling; John Fuller Snr, Benjamin and Elizabeth Fuller; Maud Fanning and her children. Centre photograph – The Rosebuds
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