Correne Joyes, Alexandra Joyes and Jarred Harriss
(for being here)
George William Clay
(for the stories)
Harry Clay
(for doing it)



Emeritus Professor Richard Fotheringham
Professor Veronica Kelly
Professor Tom O’Regan
Professor Helen Gilbert



Ms Kerry Kilner
(for all your efforts)
Ms Carol Wical and Dr Roger Osborne
(for listening)
Peter Knox
(for getting me started)
Robert Thomson
(for bits and pieces)



The Fryer Library, The University of Queensland
(especially Mark Cryle, Spencer Routh, Bill Beach and Bill Dealy)
National Library of Australia
State Library of Victoria
Queensland State Library
State Library of New South Wales/Mitchell Library
State Library of Tasmania
Land and Property Information (NSW)
Frank Lunt (Hendra SSC – retired)



Terry Brooks/Brooks family (Nat Hanley)
Zoe Bianchi (Rexo [2])
Kerrie Brown and Lyn Huk (Anderson Sisters)
Genevieve Butler, Dorothy Pittle, and Adele McKiernan (James Martin)
Sue Campbell (Mary Andrews)
Charters Towers Regional Council (Theatre Royal)
Brian Chatters (Four Comical Cards – aka Sisters Phillips & Brothers Lorenzi)
City of Port Adelaide Enfield Library
Suzanne Coburn and Robyn L Brooks/Neal (Vera Carew)
Robert Colomb (S.A. Fitzgerald)
Sharon Connolly (Keith Connolly/Gladys Shaw/Elsie Hosking/ Gerald Connolly/Gerald Shaw/Mary Connelly)
Jenny and Katrina Cowan (Mendelssohn’s Photographic Studios/Tom Hedley)
Sue Davies (Peare Sisters)
Anne Doggett and Gwyn Gillard (Faust Family)
Juan Ignacio Toro Escudero (Ramos & Ramos)
Bill Ellis (Bridge Theatre/Enmore Theatre)
Mary-Ellen Evans (The Ruddles)
Jon Fabian (Roy Rene)
Adam Fawcett (Joe Lashwood)
Steve Flora (The Cheer-Oh Girls)
Martin Foot (Marjorie Streeter Pain)
Richard Fotheringham (Globetrotters/Smart Set Diggers)
Beverley Foulds (Rus Garling/G.W. Heans)
Virginia Fraser (Theatre Royal, Rockhampton/Frank York)
Rowan Gibbs (Harry Emmet)
Paul Goddard (Denis Carney)
Valmai Goodlet (Maurice Chenoweth)
Maxine Gray (Martin C. Brennan)
Susan Group (Jake Mack)
Liz Hardie/Hardie family (J. C Bain and Verna Bain)
Deborah Healey (Freda Helston)
Lester Hechter (USA) (Prince Masculin/Madame Lampino/Murray Masculin/Lampini Bros))
Stig Hokanson (Edward de Tisne/Yvonne “Fifi” Banvard/Claude Holland/John Dobbie/Brull & Hemsley)
Carmen and Tony King (Harry Ross [2])
Cathy Koning (Dorothy Rudder)
Chris and Lorraine Lemon (Ben Calvert / Florence Henderson)
Scott Leonard (Rexona/Samuel and Alice Sheffer)
John Leplaw (Violet Elliott [2]/Harry Shine)
Greg Longworth (Frank York)
Leon Lyell (Alexander Poe)
Lemuel Lyes (Esmee McLennan)
Jim McJannett (J. Martini/Valdares)
Mitch McKay (Clyde Cook)
Colin Mackellar (Jack Kearns)
Warren Maloney (Maggie Buckley/Tilton & WEst)
Claire Marshall (Les Thieres)
Jason Barney R. Maxwell (F. Gayle Wyer)
Jo Mercer and Del Buchanan (Ted Tutty)
Peter Meyer
Paul Mishura / Scotch College, Melbourne (Bernard Espinasse)
Loreley Morling (Harry Leston)
Valantyne Napier
Nancy New (Harry Phillips / Ralph and Joe Tolano)
Christine Newton (Glebe/Harry Clay)
Charles Norman
Robert Parkinson (Herbert Boland / Harry Clay NSW & Qld Tours)
Barbara Peek (Little Verlie/Lillian Ross)
Janette Pelosi (Edward Geoghegan)
Colin Perry (Mabs Howarth)
Kim Phillips (Nat Phillips / Ralph and Joe Tolano)
Lloyd Pitcher (Archibald Murray, Flo Murray and Ernest Pitcher)
Jennifer Portman (“Tiki” Carpenter)
Prahan Mechanics Institute Victorian History Library
Alan Preston (Reg Wykeham and Pressy Preston)
Charles Prasad (Cass Mahomet / The Gum Leaves)
David and Tracy Rae (Sam Keenan)
Michael Raynor (Fred Davys/Georgie Devoe)
Edward Reid-Smith (Bernard Espinasse)
Kim Sheppard (W. J. Curtis)
Brian Slavin and Kelly Hindman (Art Slavin)
Max Solling (Glebe/Harry Clay)
Janine Stagpoole and John Stagpoole
(The Stagpooles/Alec Stagpoole/Delavale and Stagpoole)
State Library of South Australia
Les Tod
Juan I Toro (Ramos & Ramos)
Frank Van Straten (Bridge Theatre/Amy Rochelle)
Chris Venning (Winifred La France)
Whaite Family (Fred Whaite/Harry Whaite)
[Incl. Philip and Joy Whaite, Judith Moore, Pamela Healy, Mavis Moore, Robert and Roger Whaite]
Joy Whaite (Claude H. Whaite)
Kieran Woods and Mike Francis (Lulu Eugene/Will Wynand)

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