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Dr Clay Djubal

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If you wish to cite any of the entries published within the AVTA, the following information may be of help:

1. Authorship: Unless otherwise noted all entries (including PDF biographies and research notes) are by Clay Djubal.

2. Citing Webpage Entries (Overviews): Pages in the website are identified in the right hand column (Practitioners: [C], for example). Each page comprises entries which effectively serve as overviews or insights (providing basic ‘who,’ ‘what,’ ‘when’ and ‘where’ details). Some of these overviews are linked to expanded biographies or research notes published as URL-active PDFs

When too many entries are added to an individual webpage it becomes necessary to break the webpage into sections (or sub-pages). This means that each entry may be moved to another sub-page over time. Best practice in citing the URL for an entry would be to identify the URL for that section’s main page. For entries published in the Practitioners : C page, for example, this would be… not the sub-page (e.g. The details order for a Works Cited reference in MLA style (citing Ken Collie) would therefore be:

Djubal, Clay. “Ken Collie.” Australian Variety Theatre Archive. Practitioners: C, n.d. Accessed 14 July 2016.

3. Citing PDF Biographies or PDF Research Notes: All PDFs published in the AVTA are subject to change – including reformatting, additions, updates and corrections etc. This means that whenever a change is made, a new PDF is published in place of the old one (resulting in a new URL).

► It is important, then, to cite the webpage URL – NOT the PDF URL.

For example, if citing the Cogill Brothers biography, please cite the URL If you cite the URL attached to the current PDF it will eventually become a dead link. The details for a Works Cited reference in MLA style (for the Cogill Brothers PDF) would be:

Djubal, Clay. “Cogill Brothers.” Australian Variety Theatre Archive. Practitioners: C. [date last updated] [page number in pdf if applicable] [date accessed]

For example:

Djubal, Clay. “Cogill Brothers.” Australian Variety Theatre Archive. Practitioners: C. 16 May 2021, p.1. [28 Oct. 2023]

Please Note: All PDFs have “First published” and/or a “Last updated” details. These can be found at the end of the document. The name of the contributor(s) if not Dr Clay Djubal will also be located here. Each contributor is also identified beneath the overview and “More details” link located on the webpage.

Page numbers can also be easily identified in PDF biographies and research notes.

► Don’t forget. You can use the F3 function on your computer keyboard to easily locate names, places and dates in all PDFs published by the Australian Variety Theatre Archive.


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