This page comprises a selection of works by Dr Clay Djubal that have previously appeared in other publications. Not all have a focus on Australian variety theatre. Some works have also been revised and republished in the Mixed Bag monograph series.



Nat Phillips Collection (Clay Djubal)

  • Published in Found in Fryer: Stories from the Fryer Library Collection.  Ed. Roslyn Follett. St Lucia:  University of Queensland Library, 2010, pp. 90-91.



Looking in all the Wrong Places;’ Or, Harlequin False Testimony and the Bulletin Magazine’s Mythical Construction of National Identity, Theatrical Enterprise and the Social World of Little Australia, circa 1880-1920” (Clay Djubal)

  • Published in Creative Nation: Australian Cinema and Cultural Studies Reader. Eds. Amit Sarwal and Reema Sarwal. New Delhi: SSS Publications, 2009, pp. 405-422.
  • See 2017 updated version at Mixed Bag: Monograph Series.



That Men May Rise on Stepping Stones;’ Walter Bentley and the Australasian Stage, 1891-1927 (Clay Djubal)

  • Published in the Journal of Australian Studies 67 (2001), pp. 152-161. [special edition:  Fresh Cuts: New Talents 2001]



From Minstrel Tenor to Vaudeville Showman; Harry Clay, A Friend of the Australian Performer (Clay Djubal)

  • Published in Australasian Drama Studies 34 (Apr. 1999), pp. 10-24.



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