Film & Vaudeville

Film and Vaudeville
This section explores the relationship between the Australian film and variety theatre industries up until ca. 1935. It is divided into four parts.
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1. Australian Film and Vaudeville as Intermedial Industries: 1986-ca.1935 ……. p.1
2a. Films Featuring Variety Practitioners …… p.1
2b. Variety Practitioners in Film …… p.1
3. Film Exhibition Companies Associated with Variety …… p.1
4. Australian Films Featuring Variety Performances …… p.2




These lists include details relating to ALL Australian films that involved variety performers or practitioners. You can organise your search by looking for FILMS (chronological) or PRACTITIONERS (alphabetical)

>>2a. FILMS<<



This section provides details on companies or troupes that primarily exhibited films but which also incorporated a small live performance component or occasionally featured vaudeville in its programs



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