Ike Delavale “The Assassin of Sorrow”

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Also known as Ernie Vockler, “Australia’s Charlie Chaplin of Vaudeville,” and Charles Delavale (of Delavale Brothers fame)



(1897-1968) Eccentric dancer, comedian, Charlie-Chaplin impersonator, actor, producer, writer, and manager.

Melbourne-born vaudevillian Ernest Charles Vockler carved out an extraordinarily-long career between ca. 1911 (as a juvenile comedian and dancer) and at least the mid-1950s  He found initial success in the 1910s as a Chaplin impersonator before firmly establishing himself as one of the country’s leading entertainers in two popular partnerships – the Delavale Brothers, and Delavale and Stagpoole. Known as “Ike” Delavale from 1923 onwards, he managed his own revue company during the 1920s and 1930s, and had toured for many years with soprano Maggie Buckley (1930-1940s). This later partnership also coincided with his new billing –  the “Assassin of Sorrow.”

Highly regarded as a revusical writer/director, troupe manager/proprietor, and radio celebrity, Delavale worked for most of the big Australian-based firms and had long associations with Harry Clay, Fullers’ Theatres, Les Shipp, Stanley McKay, and Bruce Carroll (Perth). He also toured New Zealand twice with the Delavale Brothers (1917 and 1919) and twice with Stanley McKay’s Gaieties (1935 and 1936).


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