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Ye Olde Englyshe Fayres

Although a particularly late nineteenth century phenomenon here in Australia, dating back to at least the early 1880s, Ye Olde Englyshe Fayres are known to have been presented on occasion in the 1920s and even the mid-1930s.



At least three semi-permanent Ye Olde Englyshe Fayres operated in Western Australia around the turn of the century.

The earliest found to date was located in Howick St, in the Perth suburb of Burswood (1895-96). A second one opened at the corner of Hay and King’s street in the city in late 1896 under the management of Jones and Lawrence, and continued through until early 1898, albeit with a break between Easter and November 1897. Jones and Lawrence also mounted a regional tour with an Ye Olde Englyshe Fayre company in 1897. Elise Court and T.W. Butcher opened the third venture in Fremantle that same year. Later leased by several prominent variety entrepreneurs it effectively closed down in 1899. The venue was used for occasional concerts until 1902, however. It was then closed down by the Central Board of Health.


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