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Boulder - mapSituated some 600 kilometres east of Perth, and adjacent to the town of Boulder, Kalgoorlie was founded soon after gold was discovered in the area in 1893. Initially named Hannans (after one of the initial prosepctors) the town later became Kalgoorlie (derived from the word Karlkurla, meaning “place of the silky pears” in the Wongi Aboriginal language). Within a few years more than 90 hotels and 8 breweries had been established in the district, while the population of the twin towns had swelled to over 30,000.

Conditions for Kalgoorlie and Boulder improved enormously after the rail line to Perth was opened in 1896 and the water pipe line from the east was completed in 1903. Kalgoorlie and its surrounds were eventually serviced by an extensive collection of suburban railways and tramways, providing for both passenger and freight traffic. The town was also a popular destination for touring entertainment companies well into the twentieth century.

Kalgoorlie and Boulder were merged into the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder in 1989.
Kalgoorlie montageL: Hannan Street, ca. 1896 (Source: State Library of Western Australia). R: Hannan Street, 1930 (William Edward Fretwell collection. Source Wikipedia).



Cremorne Theatre - Kalgoorlie [Cinemaweb](1907-1973) Hannan Street.

Opened on 21 January 1907 by Harry Rickards the Cremorne was located on the north side of the Duke of Cornwell Hotel. Soon after opening it was roofed. From 1908 it also served as a cinema. Later lessees included J.C. Williamson’s, Hoyts, and Tallis and Thring. The property was bought by the Nelsons in 1928 and on-sold to Goldfields Pictures (1933) which later rebuilt the theatre. Both the theatre and gardens closed in 1973. Goldfields Pictures sold the gardens in 1975, with the theatre remaining vacant until restored to a cinema in the early-1980s.

Image source: WA Cinemweb.



(1897-1908) Dugan Street (southern side, near Cassidy Street).

The Tivoli Gardens was Kalgoorlie’s first purpose-built entertainment venue. Owned by Harry Rickards, and initially managed by Phil Stewart, it opened on 10 July 1897 with seating for 700 and standing room available for another 1,300 patrons. After being extensively renovated in 1900 (including a roof and access to electricity) the theatre became known as Her Majesty’s. It closed down after the Kalgoorlie Town Hall opened in 1908.


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