Theatres/Venues 3a: Brisbane



Dutton Park Gardens - Bris, 1909 [JOL ](1908-1920s) Dutton Park Reserve (off Gladstone Road, Dutton Park).

In the wake of E.J. Carroll‘s success in 1908 with his open-air Continentals entertainment Roderic McCallum initiated twice weekly concert, film and variety shows in the former Dutton Park Reserve in 1909. The Brisbane Tramways Company, which built the gardens and pavilion in 1908, also provided its own band up until 1911. Used primarily as a sport ground during the war years, musical entertainment was briefly revived in 1921 when George and Agnes Rahilly-Brown staged jazz dances and juvenile variety concerts there over the summer months. It later reverted to hosting sporting clubs.

For details relating to Agnes Rahilly-Brown see the Sunshine Kiddies entry
Image source: John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.


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