Theatres/Venues 2a: Sydney



BONDI AQUARIUM: See Industry: Misc 1 (Amusements section)



aka Burlington Vaudeville and Picture Gardens / Burlington Moving Pictures / Burlington Theatre

(1909-ca.1913) 262 Liverpool Street.

Opening on 18 December 1909, the Burlington Moving Pictures was an open-air and tent venue located on a vacant block of land on the north eastern corner of Forbes and Liverpool Streets in Darlinghurst . In addition to picture and vaudeville shows, the venue’s management hosted political rallies, farewell nights, charity benefits and other programmes for around five to six years. Its managers included J. Regan (1909-10), Ted Baker (ca. 1910) and A.R. McLean (ca. 1912). The land remained vacant until the First Church of Christ Scientist was built there in 1927.


COOGEE PALACE AQUARIUM: See Industry: Misc 1 (Amusements section)


GARDEN THEATRE (Darlinghurst)

(1915-1917) Bayswater Road.

Built for £12,000 by lessee Edward Branscombe, the Garden Theatre was opened by his Violet Dandies on 2 October 1915. Designed as a 1700 seat open-air amphitheatre with a café on site, the venue was situated on a property known as ‘Waratah’ (a two minute walk from the heart of King’s Cross). It was used exclusively by Branscombe’s Dandies up until 28 April 1918 at which time it was closed down. The café and plant, furniture and other items were later sold by auction and the site demolished in January 1918.



(aka Thornton’s Rosebery Theatre / Rosebery Skating Rink)

Rosebery Theatre [montage]

(1913-) 543 Gardeners Road.

Located next to James Thornton’s Newmarket Hotel, the Rosebery Theatre opened as a skating rink on 15 July 1913. Thornton, an alderman, former Mayor and ex-President of the United Licensed Victualler’s Association, converted the rink into a picture and vaudeville house in late 1914 and leased it to Michael Josephs. Variety shows were staged on Wednesday nights for several years, with the first shows produced by James Craydon (formerly of Delohery, Craydon and Holland). The Rosebery became an all-pictures venue in the 1920s and is known to have continued operating beyond 1942.

Not to be confused with the Rosebery Cinema at 409 Gardener’s Road. Built as the Marina Picture Palace in 1939 it was renamed the Rosebery Cinema in 1982 and closed in 1984.
Image source – Left: Australian Variety 26 Jan. 1916, n. pag. • Right: (ca. 1942) City of Botany Bay Library & Museum Services


SIR JOSEPH BANKS PAVILION (Botany): See Industry: Misc 1 (Amusements section)

WONDERLAND CITY (Tamarama) : See Industry: Misc 1 (Amusements section)


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