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Established as a federated body in 1910 when a number of state branch associations merged together, the T.A.E.A. continued to represent its members through until 1993 when it merged with Australian Journalists’ Association and the Actors’ and Announcers’ Equity Association in 1992 to form the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance. One of the union’s leading figures during its early years was stage mechanist N.H. Connolly. During his time as president the membership rose to more than 3,000.



aka Australian Vaudeville Artists’ Association / Australian Vaudeville Association (A.V.A)

One of the earliest industrial bodies formed in the interests of the both performers and associated practitioners, the first branch was established by Sam Gale in Melbourne sometime around 1906/1907. The Sydney branch was founded in May 1907 by composer/music director Bert Rache. The A.V.A.A. re-organised itself as the Australian Vaudeville Artists’ Federation in 1912 in the lead-up to becoming a registered trade union.

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(1912-ca.1917) In January 1912 the state branches of the Australian Variety Artists Association formed a national organisation under the leadership of Tom Dyer (Melbourne) and Grant C. Hanlon (Sydney). Through its affiliation with the Trades and Labor Council, the A.V.A.F. overcame opposition from most of the leading Australian vaudeville managers and was registered in 1914 under the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Act. George Sorlie was voted its first president. By 1917, however, the A.V.A.F.’s role as an industry body had been taken over by the Actors’ Federation and it was eventually de-registered in 1920.

  • See also: Australian Variety Artists Association [above)]



aka Theatrical Proprietors’ and Managers’ Association of Australasia / Theatre Proprietors’ and Entrepreneurs’ Association / Entertainment Industry Employers’ Association / Australian Entertainment Industry Association / Live Performance Australia

(1917-) Registered in Sydney in 1917 as an association of employers in the theatrical, vaudeville and general amusements industries, the T.P.M.A. was established in response to increased unionism within the theatre industry and the newly imposed entertainments tax. Founding members included J.C. Williamson’s, Harry Rickards Tivoli Theatres, Fullers’ Theatres, Harry Clay, Holland and St John, Birch and Carroll, J. and N. Tait, Bailey and Grant, Sayers and Lennon, and Dix-Baker. Based in Melbourne from 1920, the organisation continues to serve the industry today, albeit after many name changes. It has been known as Live Performance Australia since 2006.

Sourced from research undertaken by Frank Van Straten for Live Performance Australia in 2007.


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